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The ultimate mailbox and parcel solution

Being more than just a bank of mailboxes, they are the ultimate solution, catering for the masses, whether that be volumes of residents in multiple communities or Commercial residents in office blocks or business parks. Joma´s new smart solution mailboxes serve as the focal point of all postal and mail order deliveries using new advanced technology. Requiring only electronic passwords for access due to the new sophisticated computer system, the need for keys is now not required, hugely increasing security of the mail and parcel deliveries, offering increased flexibility and management for all.

carta plus electronico plus voz

multiple functions

E-commerce, Lockers, Laptops & Tablets, Enterprises, Schools…

jomatics inteligente

Smart Solution

Joma´s new smart solution is fully functional through an integrated touch screen system where all Instructions are activated via a password. The screen also has the ability to communicate messages either internally or externally dependant on where the system is located. This is by use of Wi-Fi or GSM technology opening up a multitude of extra communication functionalities whether to just an individual or a group of people.

jomatics personalidad

Aesthetics & Personality

Joma´s new smart solution is extremely modern in both design and look. From the sophisticated electronics to the elegant LED lightning, it is available in different colour finishes offering a huge choice of how you want everything to look.

jomatics modulable

Modular, Combinable & Adaptable.

Jomatics grows and adapts to the needs of each moment. Banks can be configured from a minimum size of 110 mm in height per box (12 doors per column), up to a maximum size of just 550 mm per box for bigger parcels. Users are the ones who select what type of box, and what number of them, they require. Therefore, each customer personalizes the Jomatics. Not only the arrangement of the doors can be combined, but you can add more blocks around the central module.


Tel: (+34) 945 31 87 70  •  Email: joma@joma.es

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